Make Money with aKstream!


Earn is very simple, you can earn money just sending traffic to your video.

How much we pay?

  • Special rate 10 Euro each 10000 users from Greece. (Understand us, Greek traffic is not very good for our ads adgencies, but we would help them paying more for them traffic).

  • We pay 20 Euro each 10000 users from Usa, Canada, Germany, Norway, Australia and United Kingdon.
  • We pay 14 Euro each 10000 users from Italy, France, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland,Luxembourg, Netherlands and Sweden.
  • We pay 6 Euro each 10000 users from all other countries.

  • How often is commission paid?

    We'll pay no later than 6 days. (Paypal,Payza,Payoneer,Skrill,Bitcoin)

    Is there a min payout

    Yes, min payout is 20 Euro

    Is there a max earn per user?

    Yes, to prevent abuses we'll count just first 5 commission per user everyday.

    Rules list

  • You have to share your video like the video code in 'My Videos', example:
  • No natural traffic = Ban
  • Traffic from script/software will be count like no natural traffic.
  • Open our pages in iframe/frame/software/script is not permitted.